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Invictus Incident Response is specialized in responding to cloud incidents across all major clouds AWS, Azure, GC as well as SaaS platforms such as M365 and Google Workspace and many more.

Providing value through incident response with our unique approach

About us

We are not your traditional incident response provider, we go beyond acquiring data, analysing the logs and writing a report. We provide you with unmatched technical expertise across all cloud platforms. With our experience we have the ability to help you recover quickly and to make sure your business can continue. Our commitment to each client is that they will be better then before the incident, that is the value we provide!

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Pro active service

Proactive services

The best incident is the one that doesn't happen. The second best is the incident you are prepared for. Our proactive services aim to help you prevent an incident and in case it does happen we will make sure you are prepared.

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Reactive services

In the event of an incident, our dedicated global team stands ready 24/7, 365 days a year to provide unwavering support. Comprised solely of seasoned cloud incident responders, we are committed to delivering our very best during your company's most challenging moments. We consider it our obligation to ensure your resilience in the face of worst-case scenarios, ultimately enabling you to emerge stronger in the aftermath of any incident.

Learning & Capability Development

Learning & Capability Development

Learning is one of the core principles Invictus is built on. We have developed our own Academy with cloud incident response trainings. Several of the global leading training institutes rely on our knowledge and experience for their content. We believe that people are the most valuable assets in protecting your organization. Allow us to help you to get the most out of your people.

Retainer servce


Want to make sure you can count on experts when you need it most? Then our retainer is the best option. We will make sure that you're not just calling 'someone' but rather someone that knows your environment inside out and has access to the right data to immediately start investigating and delivering results.

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