Cloud Insights

Insightful security for Microsoft 365 and Azure

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Do you worry about attackers that are targeting the cloud and whether your cloud environment is secure and ready for an attack?

Invictus Cloud Insight has been developed by incident responders specialized in cloud attacks. We help you uncover threats and prepare you for incident response.

What is Invictus Cloud Insights?

Cloud Insights addresses the challenges organizations face when in the cloud, whether it's preparing for incidents, compliance or that feeling that there might be an attacker in your cloud.

Our SaaS solution helps organizations with:

  • Insights into incident readiness of your cloud environment
  • Providing insight into the security status of your cloud environment
  • Identifying potential security incidents

How it works

We strongly believe that through assessments you will get a 'true' picture on where you stand. Our assessments are data-driven and lead to objective insights.

Cloud IR readiness assessment

One of the best ways to determine your organization’s state of readiness is to measure the maturity of your cybersecurity incident response capability in the cloud addressing:

  • People, processes, technology, and information
  • Preparedness, response, and follow-up activities

The results provide an independent evaluation of your capabilities and advice on how to improve your situation.

Cloud compromise assessment

Traditional compromise assessments search for signs of ongoing attacks or traces of malicious activity in your environment. This approach doesn't work in cloud environments, first you need to identify what services are running and what logging is available. Using that information we search for traces of (ongoing) attacks.

Through long experience of responding to cloud incidents, we have a deep understanding of cloud attack techniques, threat actors and the traces they leave. We can therefore tailor our approach to compromise assessments and offer timely tangible results in the following categories:

  • Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365
  • Google Cloud & Google Workspace
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Why Cloud Insights

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In the event of an incident, our dedicated global team stands ready 24/7, 365 days a year to provide unwavering support.

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We believe that people are the most valuable assets in protecting your organization. Allow us to help you to get the most out of your people.

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Want to make sure you can count on experts when you need it most? Then our retainer service is the best option for you.