Cloud Incident Response trainings

October 26, 2023

Our cloud incident response trainings are now available!

We’re proud and really happy to finally show you the fruits of our labour. Over the course of more than a year, we’ve been building a complete Microsoft Cloud Incident Response course. You can register for our courses here. This blog provides some background on the available courses.


Start with the why, so why this course?

  • Adoption, Microsoft cloud adoption for Microsoft 365 and/or Azure is huge, all those organisations can become the target of an attack, we want to enable people to perform incident response in the cloud.
  • Need, we believe there’s a need for security analysts and incident responders to be able to respond to incidents in the Microsoft cloud.
  • Cloud vs. On-premise, incident response in the cloud is different than on-premise. A lot of people are realizing that certain data or artefacts available on-premise might not be available in the cloud so where do you begin? This course covers all of that.
  • Sharing knowledge, we love sharing our knowledge as you’ve seen in all our blogs and through our tools this is an additional method of doing that.
  • Accessible, training can be expensive we tried to make the training accessible by having budget options for people with a smaller training budget starting from €799.


We offer three courses, one for Microsoft Azure one for Microsoft 365 and one combining the above into a complete course. If we’re looking at the overall highlights:


The course is highly practical, we used to call it hands-on incident response training. We believe you learn the best by doing, which is applied to our training, it is a combination of theory, demos and labs. At the end of each section you’ll have your ultimate challenges a Capture-the-Flag (CTF) exercise for both Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. With this format we believe you’ll apply what you’ve learned and get some hands-on experience with ‘real’ incidents. You’re also getting live access to a Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365 environment.


We believe that the courses can beneficial for a lot of different people. From a high level perspective, people working with Microsoft Cloud products with an interest in security.

The people that benefit the most from these courses are:

  • Incident Responders
  • Security Analysts
  • Detection Engineers
  • Security Engineers
  • Security Architects
  • Red-Teamers

We hope we’ve convinced you to take one of our courses, register here.

From Team Invictus we want to thank you for all the support.
(Korstiaan, Joey, Bert-Jan, Benjamin

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